• Salient Features
    • Tracking of plants located in various geographical locations from anywhere.
    • Status of different processes in various plants.
    • Estimated throughput and variance from actuals.
    • Overshoot- On the fly reporting of process taking more than expected time.
    • Live shop floor production reports.
    • Capturing of manpower utilization on every order.
  • Aucupa's proprietary manufacturing tracking systems are built from the ground-up to support the following qualities
    • Universal Access (Web Based)
    • Unlimited Scalability
    • People Friendliness
    • Intuitiveness
    • Modularity
    • Speedy Implementation
    • Configurability
    • Flexibility
    • Customization Options
  • Key Advantages
    • Greater supply chain and operational efficiency
    • Process your products at multiple sites and different ways
    • Increased visibility for decision making
    • Improved production efficiency
    • Sense malpractices in manufacturing process
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
    Following are few ROIs when implementing Proctore in production plants.
    -Manpower utilization against productivity
    -Down time Capturing
    -Real Time Quality Control (QC) Alerting
    -Stock Aging Visibility
    -Effective Plant Utilization
  • Tracking of operations happening in different plants from anywhere.

    This application track various manufacturing processes involved in the plant viz estimation of quantity of finished products, tracking down-time of process, tracking actual quantity of output product, generate variance reports from estimated and actual quantity, by data capturing from different plant through mobile device.

  • Stock Aging Visibility

    PTCS will list raw materials and semi-finished goods available in warehouse along with expiry date when lab or QC creates raw material analysis report and blending instructions. Warehouse will be instructed to use raw materials or goods with shorter expiry date which will reduce wastage of materials in warehouse.

  • Real Time Quality Control (QC) Alerting

    PTCS alerts QC upon completion of output and QC can begin work as soon as alert is received. QC can notify plant supervisor to take appropriate action in case of any issues with output generated. Since QC can happens as soon as output is available, faster actions can take on production which will help in reducing wastage of material, manpower, time and other resources.

  • Down time Capturing

    Various down time events during production will be captured with start and end time of down time with reason for down time. PTCS will generate down time reason wise report and repeated down time happening in a specific plant. Data in these reports will help in addressing recurring down time which will improve efficiency of plant and overall production.

  • Manpower utilization against productivity

    PTCS tracks amount of manpower consumed against the output quantity of product manufactured. This data can generate manpower utilization report which will help in decision making to improve productivity.

  • Effective Plant Utilization

    Production manager can view the running status of plants in the factory. If a plant is idle or down, manager can take necessary action to begin production in it. This will help in optimum Utilization of plant and resources.